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A nature lover's paradise: Marshall Park in Weatherford, TX

Marshall Park is a 32-acre park home to various amenities, including a playground, a pavilion, a walking trail, a disc golf course, and a pond. The park is popular with families, community events, and outdoor enthusiasts. The storm that struck Marshall Park resulted from a cold front that moved through the area. The show brought with it high winds and heavy rains. The wind gusts were estimated to be between 60 and 70 miles per hour. The rains caused flooding in some areas of the park and resulted in many tree uprooting. Learn more here.


The pavilion at Marshall Park was heavily damaged in the storm. The roof was torn off, and the walls were destroyed. The pavilion has since been repaired and is now open to the public. Unfortunately, the playground was also damaged. However, the garden has been restored, and the new playground equipment is in place. Learn more about A nature lover's paradise: Marshall Park in Weatherford, TX.

Sigman's Roofing - 1 (3).jpg

Due to damage, the walking trail was closed for several weeks after the storm. The track has reopened and is now available for use by the public. The disc golf course was completed after the storm. The system has been repaired and is now open for play.

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